A Guide To Renting And Buying Portable Toilets

Buying or renting a portable toilet is a great idea if you're planning an event or handling a construction project. By touching base with some companies that can provide you with these portable toilets, you'll be able to find the model that'll serve you. It also pays to think as much as you can about how you can work with these companies so that you get the best customer support possible.

Commode Choices: Three New Features To Pick For Your New Toilet

While a brand new toilet may not sound as exciting as other housewares, a new toilet can be a good addition to your home. If your old toilet is giving you plumbing troubles or if the toilet itself is showing too many signs of wear, it is time to get a new commode in your bathroom. Before you select a new porcelain throne, there are some features that you should consider that do not come standard.

Signs That Your Water Isn't Safe To Drink

Having your water tested is the best way to know if it is safe to drink. It is also a good idea to know the warning signs that your water may not be safe to drink so that you can avoid unsafe drinking water when you discover it. Unpleasant Odors If your drinking water has an oil or gas odor, this is a sign that it may be contaminated by gas or semi-volatile compounds.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Septic System

If your house is far from town, then you are probably not on the sewer line. You more than likely have a septic system to handle your wastewater. If you've never had a septic system before, you may be unfamiliar with what it exactly it is, and how to maintain it.  Septic System Your septic system is made up of two basic parts, the tank and the leech field. The tank generally has at least two chambers in it.

Maintaining A Septic System

There is nothing worse than having a major septic system problem in your home. Septic problems can be hard and expensive to fix. The good news is that, most of the time, septic problems can be prevented with just a little bit of maintenance. If you treat your septic system properly then it will continue to function properly for a very long time. While it is not very hard to maintain your septic system, it does take a little bit of dedication.